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Why Choose Us

Great Results

Cheapsk8 Studios is a recording studio that provides audio and video recording, mixing, editing, and mastering. We focus on what you already sound like, or the video style you are looking for, and pay close attention to capturing the best material from your performance.
We strive to get the best results possible, while still focusing on our clients wishes, needs, and budget.

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Our studio has been designed to be comfortable, as well as practical, to be able to adapt to our clients needs.
All of our studio rooms feature multiple headphone mixes, and they are all acoustically treated to capture the best audio recordings possible.
All of our recording studio snakes are made with high quality Mogami cables and connectors. They have been hand built, and hand soldered, by our resident audio technician.

What We Do


Recording is a special moment when getting it just right matters the most! It's capturing that magical moment in time forever, in the best quality achievable. This is what we do. This is also why we ask several key questions that help us understand your goals and expectations of the final product, while keeping it within your budget.

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Our staff have over 35+ years in the trade. We can offer ideas and advice if desired, and are very helpful in making you as comfortable as we can during, and after, your recording session.

Customer Support

Our customers are immensely important to us! We are humans just like you, so we know what customer service SHOULD be like.
While we do our best to answer all calls and emails upon receipt, that isn't always possible. We DO however return 100% of ALL calls and emails within 24 hours or less.

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Cheapsk8 Studios is dedicated to supporting all clients and customers, past, present, and future.
All replies will always be made by one of our staff... NEVER by an answering service.

Cheapsk8 Studios Products

Cheapsk8 Studios products and merchandise are presently in the works. We will have various studio apparel in the near future, as well as some various graphics items.
We always have something going on!

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Original music that
makes each order special!

Meet Our Team

Glenn Erdos
Jessica Souza Funaro
Eric Backstrom
Mark Bonnot
Web Consultant∖Web Developer


Mon-Wed 4:30pm - Midnight
Thur - Closed
Fri 12:00pm - Midnight
Sat-Sun 10:00am - 11:00pm

Business Info

Telephone: 1-203-213-5479

E-mail: Contact us

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