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Recording Studio Services

Services Overview

Recording service

We offer high definition recording with high quality, great sounding microphones. We can record up to 32 tracks at once if necessary. Our 3 separate sound treated rooms make for easy sound isolation and great, clean recordings. All tracked through our high end AD/DA converters, into our latest, state of the art, custom built, high performance recording and video editing pc from Puget Systems!

Our live room is equipped with a 24 channel snake, plenty of room, and power outlets, and up to 4 separate Hearback (tm) monitoring systems. We also have a few different amps and cabinets to play through, as well as direct input options, re-amping, or you can bring what you are used to using.

Our drum room is equipped with a 16 channel snake, and a Hearback (tm) monitoring system, as well as a Pearl World Series drum kit (full kit).

Our vocal room is well treated and equipped with a 4 channel snake and a Hearback monitoring system, and we have plenty of various types and brands of microphones.

Mixing service

We take pride in creating top quality, great mixes for all of our clients. Wether it be a live event or recorded material, regardless of where the recording originates, we go through all tracks separately and clean or fix, if possible, any problem areas (noises and un-desired sounds, bad pitch or chord(s), etc.). Once we have performed the "inspect and clean" processes, we then go through each mix extensively, always staying focused on the overall soundscape, feel, and "presence" of each mix, always focused on keeping the clients goals and wishes met.

Our control room is set up to be acoustically accurate, as well as ergonomically functional. With cost effective, but highly useful control surfaces to aid in mixing, effects adjustments, and mix automation. These tools aid in making the mixing process fast, and accurate.

That being said... It is worth pointing out that whenever you are planning to record in a studio, if you expect quality results, always plan your time accordingly. For a great example of what we are talking about here, check out this article about Budgeting - Quality over Quantity .

Mastering service

When we where setting up our control room, we kept mastering in mind at all times throughout the design and construction process. Our recording facility utilizes a high grade, studio master clock for perfectly synced audio and equipment. This has a tremendous effect on the quality of what is being recorded, mixed, and mastered. It is a crucial studio tool that helps us make better choices when working on recorded material.
This allows us to make better sonic decisions in recording, the mixing phase, as well as the quality of the final master.

We offer our mastering service to anyone in need of this service. Contact us for more info if interested.

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Additional Services

  • Video Service's

    We also offer video recording and / or editing, and animation. High Definition, multi camera shooting and editing, animation, music videos, demo videos, product videos... We think you get the idea. Our video shooting, editing, and animation capabilities are quite extensive, not to mention we run our own Linux servers to help in speeding up the final output (where applicable).

  • Sound Reinforcement

    Do you have an event that you need sound for? Or maybe you have a system, but just need a sound engineer? Whatever your situation may be, we have you covered! Our sound system is a GREAT combination of new age technology, mixed with some good, old school power!
    See our equipment list on our equipment page to see the details of our P.A. system.

  • Web Development

    Today the web is filled with SO many free and reasonably affordable, web site templates, as well as a plethora of affordable hosting services and options, that having your own personalized web site is easier and cheaper than most people think.
    We can customize most pre-designed layouts, and assist you in making this happen. We will guide you on where to find a design of your liking. Then once you have chosen a template we can proceed from there. For more info on our web development services, please contact us.

  • Online Services

    Most of the services that we offer can be served digitally. In today's world of technology, most things can be accomplished right over the internet. Almost ANYTHING can be transferred to and from just about anyone, from almost anywhere! Through the internet, we can provide our audio processing services: mixing and mastering, as well as our video services: editing, compositing, animation and graphics. Most web services as well.

Our Best Proposals


Music, videos, and graphics are part of most of our everyday lives. We are surrounded by them, in almost every type and style of their forms. Why not let us turn your ideas and creations into professional works of art that you will be proud to share, send as gifts, use for promotions, or marketing as you see fit.
At Cheapsk8 Studios, we eat, breath, and live this type of stuff!!! Get your next project started by contacting us today!


Even though we already have great deals and pricing, we occasionally will run specials from time to time. Cheapsk8 Studios has been known in the past to donate studio blocks to various raffles and causes.
Every now and then, when we run our discount specials, we post it on our site, as well as all of our social pages. Connect with us on these social platforms, and bookmark this site to make sure you don't miss a deal, and to stay in the loop.


Our photographer is a professional photographer for herself, as well as a local photo studio. She works in many styles and situations, always has some great ideas for photo shoots, has a very unique and classy style to her shots and edits, and she always gives spectacular results. Please let us know in advance if you wish to include her photography services in a session or show. Or you can contact her directly, and mention you found her here.

Experience Exchange

Everyone here at Cheapsk8 Studios are professionals in there trade, as well as committed and dedicated individuals in their fields. They are all personable, polite, and helpful, and will work diligently on your project until you, the customer, is happy.