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Our gear selection reflects our obsession with the analog-digital blend, where modern equipment and technology meets a classic analog sound.

We have to admit, we are guilty of having G.A.S. (gear acquisition syndrome). It is for this sole reason that our main interest in any gear has to be if the studio and it's customers will benefit from the piece of gear. As much as we would like to have and offer all the latest and greatest technologies... that comes with a hefty price... that in most studios, usually gets passed onto you, the customer.

The truth is... you don't need to have the "latest and greatest" equipment to produce amazing sounding and looking product. A studio can have top dollar equipment and still not get "top dollar" results. The real truth is that it's not all about the equipment, and all the more to do with the engineers, and the talent. By applying this practice, Cheapsk8 Studios can offer great professional results, at reasonable rates. Find out what we can do for you!

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Audio Tracks

  • Honey Bee (cover)
    The Remedy
  • You Can Try
  • On The Slide
    Twice Removed
  • The Boss
    All In All Out
  • It's A Long Road Home
    Main Street Band
  • Time (cover)
    The Remedy
  • Let It Be (cover)
    Main Street Band
  • Since You Been Away
    Tim Longden
  • Destiny
    Prince Quis
  • Hallowed Be Thy Name (cover)
    Angry Again
  • Watch The Children Prey (cover)
    Angry Again
  • Show Me (cover)
    Donnie Brasco Band